RAPTURE Rapture4

October 31 – December 2, 2001
By Jeanne Marshall
Directed by Diana Denley

Political, social and sexual intrigue in 17th century Bologna unfolds in this riveting story of Sister Lucrezia Vizzana, a composer who left an extraordinary musical legacy.  Experience the secret lives and sacred music of this cloistered community that dares to protect Lucrezia’s gift for music, while competing with the dark forces of the Inquisition.  Consuming passions and dangerous conspiracies are interwoven with the songs of ecstasy of a young nun.  Can the laws of the church prevent her from composing the music that emanates from the depths of her soul, the music that “sings with rapture?”

** Helen Hayes nomination

The Thousandth Night1000thNight1

December 19, 2001 – January 20, 2002
By Carol Wolf

With a remarkable combination of humor and heartbreaking poignancy, The Thousandth Night tells the story of Guy de Bonheur, an actor arrested in Paris for presenting subversive material.  Acclaimed actor Ron Campbell recreates his award-winning portrayal of Guy de Bonheur and 38 characters from The Arabian Nights – from Ali Baba to Shaherazad.  Set against the horror of Nazi-occupied France, this virtuoso performance by Campbell will transport you with his many voices, unlimited energy and amazing versatility.

** Helen Hayes nomination

Harlem Rose HarleRose1

World Premiere
January 30 – March 3, 2002

Written and Directed by Thomas W. Jones II
Music Direction by William Hubbard

Experience the words of Langston Hughes, a great poet, and the music of the era.  The Harlem Renaissance comes alive on stage with the help of Madame and Mister, Jazz and Bee Bop.  The walls will vibrate with music – blues, jazz and swing – all contributing to the energy and excitement of the times.  A tribute to a poet of extraordinary range who was also a compelling storyteller and one of the most influencial African American writers of the 20th century.

** Helen Hayes nomination

Sea Marks SeaMarks5

April 3 – May 5, 2002
By Gardner McKay

A study of power, passion and poetry.  This haunting story of an Irish fisherman living on a remote island and a Welsh spinster in Liverpool depicts the overwhelming strength of one’s roots.  Two people are connected through the power and beauty of words while confronting the crushing power of the sea that can both liberate and imprison.

L.A. Drama Critics Circle Best Play Award