What the Critics Are Saying About Three Sistahs


"Did I mention that Bernadine Mitchell is back in town?  I did?  No problem.  She’s worth the repetition.  Actually, in all fairness the other cast members more than hold their own.  One can just as easily say the show features the legendary Crystal Fox…or the incredible Felicia Curry whose vocals tore down the house in Two Queens, One CastleThe soul-stirring tonality of these three Divas, I mean Sistahs, will set your toes to tapping, your hands to clapping, even tears to flowing while guiding you to rhythms you didn’t even know you had.  Yes, they’re that good.  Some of the finest voices to grace a stage.  What these women can do to caress a lyric and jam together in a tribal fusion of gospel, funk, and jazz must be seen to be believed.  Three Sistahs is a fitting tribute to a timeless classic, a reflection of the abundant artistry at MetroStage and just a damn good time.”

Debbie Minter Jackson, DC Theatre Scene



"There's no lack of attitude as the sisters sing their joys and frustrations.  Writer-director Thomas W. Jones II doesn't write scenes so much as he creates poetry, riffing on themes in heightened language that eventually blossoms into song.  This makes for a fluid and impressionistic style, awash with raw emotion."

Nelson Pressley, The Washington Post



“The disparate trio of surviving black siblings are forced to confront past hurts, present differences and future hopes; and, of course, to belt out a score of heartfelt gospel/pop/blues tunes….reminiscent of Lorraine Hansberry but set to roof-raising music.”

Patrick Folliard, The Washington Blade



"Mitchell is in fine voice here, and her smooth sense of dignity (leavened with humor and loosened just a tad in response to a shared bottle of wine) is impressive.  She's also the tie that binds the two other siblings.  The "sistahs", played by Curry and Fox, each have stronger emotional ties to their oldest sister than they do to each other.  Each can get under the skin of the other and - as siblings often do - they do so with a touch of malicious glee.  Each sings well and each has a number of solo moments that work very nicely.  However, it is when two or more voices are joined together that the score really takes off."

Brad Hathaway, Potomac Stages



"Three Sistahs is lovelier the second time around at MetroStage, with Felicia Curry as a replacement.  The pint-sized singing actress manages a booming and vibrant vocal texture unmatched by other singers in the area..."

Bob Anthony, All Arts Review 4 U